#PositivityFuel ADVENTURE

It’s official – the winners of our #PositivityFuel Adventure competition have been announced! Here they are…

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Mountain running Eamonn & his adventure loving family can’t wait to get on the road to enjoy a memorable adventure road trip together ready to spread even more #PositivityFuel

Horseriding fan Natalie will be adding lots of #PositivityFuel with a smile! She believes that the best way to promote positivity is to share a smile with a stranger and we couldn’t agree more!

Jasmine, the Ritter Sport Marzipan fan, plans to add #PositivityFuel to her adventure by singing everywhere she goes. As she says, "We may not be great singers but singing out of tune just gives you something to laugh about."

Abby & her family are hoping that on this trip, their good energy will be contagious to others, and they hope people will smile and laugh with them along the way. #PositivityFuel

Emma's dream road trip adventure companion is Johnny Depp in Jack Sparrow mode, as his pirate skills might come in handy especially his compass!! #PositivityFuel

Mum & wife to a family of runners, Caroline tells us that there is one inspiration who the kids, Liz & Bex, have decided would be the perfect #PositivityFuel adventure partner …Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson! Maybe he could also help out with the driving!